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    Dylan, graphite on paper

    Above, a banner promoting my limited edition print, Dubuque Stained Glass

    Above, my most successful print ever published and the original painting, The Grand Excursion, hangs in the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium at the Port of Dubuque

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    This is a trade show backdrop for a software company that converts paper records into electronic data.


    This logo design features an illustrative element that I'm extremely proud of. The design was heavily influenced by a project I was working on simultaneous to this... The Dubuque Stained Glass Project. This logo has been used for tee-shirt transfers, stationery, newletters, and multimedia applications. The organization serves special needs adults in the Dubuque Community. The parallel of the acronym ARK to the graphic design of Noah's Ark evokes protection, survival, and the organizers apparently felt it was on target.

    An illustration from the NCS Annual Open Enrollment Benefits Book."
    Copyright National Computer Systems, Iowa City, Iowa

    A portrait of my friend and Dubuque businessman, Bob Neuwoehner, for the Telegraph Herald.

    A favorite portrait of the children of a friend of mine. I do about a dozen portraits a year on average.

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