Richwoods Knights Logos
Green Shield
White Shield Green Knight
White Knight Green Short Shield
White on Green
Black on White
Green Knight on White Shield
White on Black
This is the Richwoods shield and helmet as a high res jpg file (black).
This is the Richwoods shield and helmet as an editable eps file if opened in Macromedia FreeHand or Adobe Illustrator. It can be imported into Quark and sized infinitely large or small. The file is in a SIT (StuffIT!) archive that must be downloaded and unpacked first.
This is a super high res file that is 3,862 pixels wide. It is extremely scalable. This is the source file for all the variations of the logo that are exemplified on this page. Click on it to download the file (high-speed access recommended) and once it has downloaded in your browser, right click to save it to your hard drive or local directory.
Full Color Total Logo
Full Color Total Logo with Basketball
Black Only Logo with Basketball
Black Only Shield and Ball
Type Only Black JPG
Type Only Color JPG
Helmet, Shield and Ball JPG

Total Logo Object

Logo Object

Type Only Object

Shield and Helmet Object

This is a Self-Extracting set of object files in eps format of the various logo elements above. A savy vendor know what to do with these for various applications where the logo must be either blown up or shrunk down, a task in which a bitmap image or jpg would not be suitable. These files are for screen printers, pad printer apps, and embroiderers.

These are editable eps files prepared in FreeHand 9. However, They can be opened from within Adobe Illustrator of FreeHand. You can also import them as an eps in Quark Xpress or Adobe InDesign




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