The Bridal Set by Linda Olsen
This is the hairpiece for a bride that is being married at our local artboretum. She is going to wear her hair in a pony tail and not wear a veil. the piece is made of small sea pearls, swarovski crystals and gold wire. I can make a headpiece in any style. I realize the comb is small. I plan to put a longer one on it.
This closeup shows the variety of colors of crystals and shapes of pearls used.
Here is the bride's necklace made of the pearls and crystals. she is wearing a strapless gown. It will we spectacular,
You can see the intricacy of design and color.
The twisted wires resemble the branches of a tree. With this basic design, the options are limitless.
The earrings and bracelet compliment the other pieces . Notice the simple snap clasp on the bracelet. It makes a very nice finish for the piece. the crystals are arranged in a graduated rainbow of colors.
The bride's earrings are a one of a kind design.
This is the design I used for the bridesmaids with the color of the center stone varying for a little interest.
A longer shot of the earrings.
This is the necklace for the maid of honor. It nicely compliments the bride's necklace.
This is the same tree like design but much more streamlined,.
this is another option for the earrings.
A knitted bracelet using the pearls and stones from the designs abovbe.
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