These are extraordinary bracelets. I call them celebration because they make perfect gifts. All contain beaded precious stones with gold and silver wire and decorative bead spacers. Each bracelet is completely hand crafted. This bracelet contains beads of ocean jasper, wrapped in sterling silver twisted wire.
This bracelet contains a variety of semi-precious beads and silver beads. The wire is gold filled.
This fabulous design contains all natural rudilated quarts crystal beads and gold filled wire. It's a stunner!
Jade, onyx, goldstone and silver beads wrapped in gold filled wire.
This bracelet is made from black and white agate with silver bead accents and gold filled wire.
This is a unique design of special cube beads made from tuxedo agate. The accents are silver and wire is twisted gold filled.
This is a bracelet of mixed gemstones wrapped in twisted silver wire with silver bead accents. It goes with anything.
How to Buy a Bracelet

1. All bracelets on this page are under $50. I have a PayPal Business Account, and all you have to do is e-mail me and tell me which bracelet number you want. If you're in Iowa there will be 6% sales tax.

2. You'll have to measure your wrist and provide that measurement in your e-mail to me. Include the name and number of the bracelet you want (each bracelet has a title and number.

3. Include your name and address so that I can compute shipping costs which will depend on where you're located.

4. Once I receive your correspondence, I can total up the amount and I will e-mail you right back. Instructions on how to complete the transaction will be included and any additional information I may want to convey.

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