Herkimer Diamonds... an incredible healing crystal

Above, Wire wrapped Herkimer diamond (two views of Linda's original design).

When we mined these Herkimer diamonds (in Herkimer, New York, of course), we observed an interesting phenomenon. The diamonds that fell from the crevasses in the dolomite matrix rock actually magnetically adhered to our pick axe. How could quartz crystal possess magnetic power? Apparently they do, but we discovered that the magnetism would dissipate after handling.

Nonetheless, Herkimer diamonds are the stuff of legend. They played an important role during World War II as they were favored the manufacture of military radio telephone sets. It's said they were once illegal to possess because they couldn't be distinguished from real diamonds. They actually have a hardness just short of a real diamond. They are mined recreationally in Herkimer, New York, and the activity is billed as family fun.

The most interesting characteristic of the Herkimer crystal is that it is double terminated. Each Herkimer diamond comes to a point at both ends. This makes this particular crystal more powerful in terms of its metaphysical properties. Every diamond is different. Sometimes we see Herkimer diamonds in clusters. The dolomite rock in which they are found is black and extremely hard. Sharp edges can cut making them hard to handle. Examine the rock under bright light, and it glistens with microscopic crystals.

Every diamond is different, and some are perfectly clear while others may contain bubbles, small black pieces of carbon or dolomite that give the crystals character.

The metaphysical properties of pure crystal such as the Herkimer diamonds seen on this page have been used for healing for thousands of years. It has to do with the frequency and harmonic vibrations that are contained in the crystal. Specifically, the Herkimer diamond is said to increase creativity and allow the wearer greater access to inner guidance.

The crystals are said to eleviate tension and create an overall state of well being.

How to Order from Me

E-mail me and tell me which pendant you're interested in. I have a Pay-Pal business account, and I'll provide you with all the details to make our transaction. Let me know what length of chain you wish... 16 or 18 inches. Shipping and handling depends on how you want it sent, and we'll determine that in our corresondence. 6% sales tax applies if you're a resident of Iowa.

Herkimer diamond pendants are priced by size. We have a substantial variety of stones.

H001 is 1.50 CM in size and has a gold filled chain. Please specify size... 16 or 18 inches. $35
H002 is 1.60 CM in size and has a gold filled chain. Please specify size... 16 or 18 inches. $40
H003 is 1.70 CM in size and has a gold filled chain. Please specify size... 16 or 18 inches. $40


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